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IHSDM Library (not updated-es)

The IHSDM Library includes all recently published materials on IHSDM in online and/or hard copy format. Past published materials, denoted as archive, are also available; these materials are somewhat dated due to IHSDM's evolving nature, but may still contain information of interest to serious researchers. Some publications are available only for purchase from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

Please Note:

Many of the online documents are in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) File format, which requires a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

IHSDM Overview


Conceptual Plan for an Interactive Highway Safety Design Model
FHWA-RD-93-122, February 1994.
Hard copies available only from the NTIS website.

IHSDM Crash Prediction Module


"Workshop on Development of the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model Accident Analysis Module,"
FHWA-RD-96-075, February 1997.
Hard copies available free-of-charge by e-mailing

IHSDM Design Consistency Module


Horizontal Alignment Design Consistency for Rural Two-Lane Highways
FHWA-RD-94-034, January 1995.
Hard copies available only for purchase from the NTIS website.

IHSDM Driver/Vehicle Module

IHSDM Traffic Analysis Module

IHSDM Intersection Review Module

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