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Pavement Safety Performance (PSP) Data Analysis Program

Project Information

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Project Status: 
Start Date: 
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
End Date: 
Friday, January 6, 2017
FHWA Program: 
FHWA Subprogram: 
Construction and Project Management
FHWA Activity: 
Safety Training and Analysis Center
FHWA Topics: 
Safety--Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) / Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) ; Safety--High Risk Rural Roads Program; Safety--Local and Rural Road Safety; Safety--Roadway Departure Safety
TRT Terms: 
Crash Rates; Infrastructure; Research; Pavements; Crash Causes; Pavement Performance; Pavements
FHWA Discipline: 
Pavement and Materials, Safety
TRB Subject Area: 
Highways, Maintenance and Preservation, Pavements

Contact Information

First Name: 
James A
Last Name: 
(202) 493-3150
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Infrastructure Analysis and Construction Team
Office of Infrastructure Research and Development
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Project Details

Project Description: 

This project will integrate pavement performance databases with highway safety information systems, and analyze the data to develop crash modification factors and pavement management strategies that include safety.


  • Prove that pavement surface characteristics are the most important factors affecting the number of fatal and disabling injury crashes. 
  • Prove that rigid pavements have lower crash rates than flexible pavements.  
  • Demonstrate that the concrete mixture proportions associated with higher strength concretes have lower friction numbers and that an intermediate strength provides the optimum performance in terms of safety and distress.
  • Demonstrate that recycled asphalt concrete pavements have lower friction numbers.
  • Prove that the current state-of-the-art method to develop Crash Modification Factors (Empirical Bayes) yield inaccurate numbers for pavements.


Deliverable Name: 
Conference paper(s)
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Deliverable Description: 
This research will produce a set of papers.