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Intelligent Multisensor Measurements to Enhance Vehicle Navigation and Safety Systems

Project Information

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
End Date: 
Monday, December 31, 2012
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Exploratory Advanced Research
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Exploratory Advanced Research
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Transportation Management
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Research/Technologies--FHWA Research and Technology
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Position Fixing; Dynamic Positioning; Navigation; Navigational Aids; Global Positioning System; Operations; Research; Traffic Lanes
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Operations and Traffic Management

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(202) 493-3045
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Transportation Enabling Technologies Team
Office of Operations Research and Development
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Project Details

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The Global Positioning System and Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory at Auburn University is currently developing methods under a Federal Highway Administration project to combine global positioning system and inertial navigation system technologies with computer vision laser imaging detection and ranging processing techniques for highway lane tracking. Many companies in the Intelligent Transportation Systems community are developing methods for lane departure warning. A lane departure warning system is designed to alert the driver of an unintended vehicle lane departure. Currently, lane departure warning systems use a vision system mounted on the vehicle to detect lane markers. These vision systems are environmentally sensitive and therefore are not always reliable. The Global Positioning System and Vehicle Dynamics Lab has instrumented vehicles and a paved test track for validating the lane departure warning algorithms. The test vehicle is equipped with commercially available technologies and sensors such as a vision system for lane departure warning global positioning system, inertial sensors for stability control, and Ibeo© laser imaging detection and ranging technology for collision avoidance. The Global Positioning System and Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory has added data acquisition instrumentation to the car. The instrumentation includes an onboard personal computer for data collection and display, a differential global positioning system receiver, a typical commercial/automotive grade global positioning system receiver, and controller area network hardware to receive vision and inertial sensor data from the vehicle.


A lane departure warning system can alert the driver of an unintended vehicle lane departure.

Project Findings: 

The location of the vehicle in the lane can be determined in real time.