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Effective Integration of Analysis Modeling and Simulation Tools

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Start Date: 
Thursday, March 3, 2011
End Date: 
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Transportation Systems Management and Operations
FHWA Activity: 
Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation
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Research/Technologies--Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC)
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Transportation; Traffic Models; Traffic Simulation; Operations; Research; Transportation Planning; Transportation System Management; Intelligent Transportation Systems
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Operations and Traffic Management, Research, Transportation (General)

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(202) 493-3045
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Analysis of multimodal and multiresolution transportation networks often requires linking or integrating different types of analysis and simulation tools, primarily due to differences in domain (travel demand, deterministic or dynamic models that include different travel modes) and scale (network size). Also, the outputs from different simulation models typically do not match. Examples include: (1) determining corridor and/or regional level operational strategies, such as corridor signal timing and regional coordination, upon system performance, safety, and greenhouse gases; (2) connecting a macrotravel demand model to a mesoscopic dynamic traffic assignment model. This project is developing a uniform data schema that will serve multiresolution modeling (for different domains (macroscopic to microscopic) and scale (including small and large networks)). This common data could be stored on the PC and on the Web (cloud) and results are also displayed using common measures and visualization tools. Moreover, it will also allow the execution of simulation models across different software providers if and when the providers develop interfaces to translate their data to this common schema (format and content). A concept of operations will be developed, and two case studies will be selected and analyzed using this new tool.


This activity will define a model integration concept of operations and requirements that will enable harmonious information exchange and data transferability among models of various domains and scale. These new methods and tools will be validated through a proof of concept and prototype demonstration. 

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Partner: Advisory
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Partner: Advisory


Deliverable Name: 
Draft final report that includes two proof of concept test cases to demonstrate application and benefits of integrated models
Deliverable Type: 
Research report or guidelines
Deliverable Description: 
The final report will summarize the recommendation of model integration, concepts of analysis, and the results of testing two integration concepts.