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Operations/Analysis Feedback Reports

In 1996, the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program instituted a data analysis and operations feedback system to enable users of the LTPP database to report situations encountered during data analysis sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that suggest or demonstrate the need for corrective actions or further investigation. Applicable situations encountered include, but are not limited to:

  • The absence of critical data for specific test sections.
  • Data that appear to be incorrect, contradictory, or otherwise suspect.
  • Data that are not currently collected but that are needed to fill voids identified during analysis.
  • Recommendations arising from the analysis as to how data collection procedures might be improved.

Potential problems may be reported for any data collected or reported by the LTPP program such as: pavement distress; falling weight deflectometer; profile; materials; and traffic. In addition, users can also report problems associated with the General Pavement Study (GPS) or Specific Pavement Study (SPS) experiments, and other aspects of the program.

After reviewing the feedback report, the LTPP program will review the problem and determine if the problem exists and act to correct the problem.

To request information or report a problem with the LTPP database, please print and fill out a Feedback Report Form (.pdf, 8 kb) and submit it to:

Jean Nehme

Updated: Monday, December 2, 2019